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Dear Charlotte,

Do you still give free english lessons with skype?.

Hello my name is Michael im Brazilian and I would like to meet some people from another locations and also practice english too .
My skype contact is
[removed by mods, please add it to your profile] feel free to Add an contact me .

I never take any English classes i´m just a Self student trying to be more fluent with language skills .
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A lot of people try to improve or even teach a language using Skype. I recommend defined itself as "the language-learning social network based on Skype".

Hello ,

I from Germany and live in Switzerland. Are you a teache to learn english ?

the best greating


I m from Switzerland.

I m searching a peaple to learning english.

Can you teache me about the Skype? Skype Name is [removed by mods, please register and add it to your profile]
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Hi Teacher,
i am italian 31 years old, and i have a great need to learn english for my work & life. now i got a lot of book & grammar to study but a i don't have a valid method to do it. if you can, i ask to you to teach me a good way to learn by myself and then a method to improve my english skills. you are a important & realized teacher, so i trust in you.

thanks for all.

Hi, I want to improve my English too. So we can help each other by chatting online. Daily about one hour or more than so,thats my e_mail
[e-mail removed by mods, please add it to your profile]Email Removed"> and i'm waitting for you.
Is there anyone who uses GG communicator?
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Tutun Hello,

I want to learn english with skype.I am very much poor in english speaking.please help me.

I am an engineering student.So next year I have interviews.so please help me.




I to want speak in english with skype. I think it`s great idea. We can speaks together.


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