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Hi. I'm willing to enhance my English as well as building a great friendship with different people for distinct countries. If you would like to chat I would love to hear from you. This is my e-mailremoved by mod Hopeto see you at msn Emotion: wink
Hi everybody! I've just known about this site. I found it when I search people who want to communicate with me using Skype to improve my English. I'm from Russia, please call me if you want, my skype name: [removed by mods, please add it to your profile]
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Hello, I'm a new member here and i would like to improve my english by using skype. My skype user ID is [removed by mods, please add it to your profile] . Please count me in!Emotion: wink
hello I'm Italian I 'm learning spanish at school, do you speak italian?would you like to learn Italian?
Hello guys. Lucky me that you read my post right now, because it's well after the first page Emotion: wink I didn't read everything, but I didn't seem to find what I am exactly looking for (and not only me but everyone who is interested in this subject, namely -improving our language)

So, what we are all looking for is a native English speaker, or, at best, a native English teacher. When we find one, we can hold an online conference.

And, if I may introduce myself, I am from Bulgaria. This year I am going to sit for CPE. I have graduated from the English Learning school as a private student (I reckon I can say it like that).

You are welcome to contact me vie Skype. My username is [removed by mods, please add it to your profile]
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Hello to all, I'm a young physicist and I'm quite dump in English....I've been checking on net to find anything about learning english, because I'm gonna have some lectures to students (of course in english language) in a few months and I have no idea how to lecture it. I have a cup of dictionaries in front of me and I'm ready to practice english with everybody. My skype name is [removed by mods, please register and add it to your profile]

I hope to find somebody who is not a professor od english, because I'm gonna be embarrassed all the time:) Good bye.

You might like to check out the Skype website. There is a section called 'Skype Me' and lots of people look for language exchange partners there.

Good luck with your studies,

Hi!! I also learn italian , my skype is and my meseenger is removed by mod, I´m peruvian, but I try to practice my english, my level is so so.

bye monica
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hi, only pacemaker?? without number or letter?
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