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Hi, I'm Korean. I also want to learn English and make friends with Skype. Please contact me if somebody is interested in. My skype id is [removed by mods, please register and add it to your profile]. Have a great day!

My name is shweta.
I am from india.

I want speak english with. you want speak with me than please contact me.

My email id is
removed by mod
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I can learn english.
Contact Me

please register & write you address in your profile. Thanks

I need someone who want to talk with me to learn english with skype. I can teach him/her to speak portuguese
Anybody home? I'm preparing for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). Are there people who would like to talk to me online?
hello there. i just received my new microphone and i want to talk as much english as possible. i`m male and from germany. everyone is welcome to add me, but i`m not looking for teaching stuff, but for usual conversations. so if you`re in the mood for some talking than call me
skype id is: [removed by mods, please add it to your profile]
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My name is Radek from Poland

I want lerning english with skype


<personal details removed by mod - please register if you want to exchange details>
I want to learn English with Skype,


Hi all.

I'm eagerly willing to enhance my English as well as to build great friendships with different people for distinct countries. If you would like to chat I would love to hear from you. Here is my skype name : [removed by mods, please add it to your profile]
Have all great days and better nights,
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I want to learn English with Skype also.My Skype name is [removed by mods, please add it to your profile]
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