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hi i´m from brazil and my nickname is [removed by mods, please register and add it to your profile], i also want to practice my english with skype, my level is basic!!!

Yes,skype is a very good software.Emotion: smile
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hi everybody Emotion: smile i like learning english and would like to talk in english with anybody. just call me on skype. my nick is [removed by mods, please register and add it to your profile] add me to your list and when i'm online i promise to contact you as soon as posible .hugs & kisses Emotion: wink
I would like to talk in English with someone in order to improve my spoken English. I use Skype and Yahoo Messenger.
Hi all!
I'd like to ask. Can I use Skype with speakerphones and a microfone? Or only in headphones combined with it?
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You can use microphone and speakerphones. I use them and it works well.
Thanks! I just thought what to buy a mic or headphones with it. I think I'll choose the mic.
hi,my name is evan,come from china,does anyone wanna learning chinese,i can help you,but i just only understand foreing language is english,so you must speak in english,otherwise i can't help you my skype account [contacts removed by mods, please register and add them to your profile]
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Heh now I can't use skype because I'm not at home. I'll try to connect with you the next week
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