I need someone who want to talk with me to learn english with skype. I can teach him/her to speak spanish.
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I am a professor of English literature at a university. .I would also like to teach English Grammar and Composition to the members who are interested in it.

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I am a native spanish speaking man. Want to improve my english skill (mainly talking and listening) and I think Spype is a great tool for it. If you want to improve your spanish for your english, please skypeme at [removed by mods, please add it to your profile]
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I'm brazilian.

If anyone could help-me chatting in english I will be very glad... here in Brazil we speak portuguese, I also speak spanish.
I am in China.

And I want to inprove my english with SKYPE.

If u are interested in using it to practice english, u can skype me at [removed by mods, please add it to your profile] If it's true,I am glad to teach you Chinese.

Thank you very much.
Yes I want to learn english on skype, actually I wants to do conversation practice , but if it is without any fee or charges.


Udai S. Rathore

Jaipur, India
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I want to learn english with skype.I am very much poor in english speaking.please help me.

I am an engineering student.So next year I have interviews.so please help me.


Dear Tutun,

I am an English Language teacher at a school in the UK and we would like to start offering English Language classes on Skype. Eventually we would ask students to pay for this service but at the moment I would like someone to practice with! Would you like a two or three FREE English lessons with me so i can see how it will work.

Let me know,


Your offer sounds interesting...
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