Please give me some advice or tips regarding - how to speak English fluently?
Here are some suggestions:

1. When thinking about anything, such as a problem you are trying to work out, talk to yourself in English. This will help you increase your vocabulary and in time will help with your fluency.
2. Try and find a native speaker to chat with - maybe you can do a language exchange with someone.
3. Listen to as much English as possible. Films or videos with either a transcript or subtitles can be very useful, so that you can read what was said if you didn't understand it.
4. Read as much in English as possible to increase your vocabulary.
5. Work on your accent by playing recordings of English and pausing them to imitate what the speaker has said paying attention to not only the sounds but also the rhythm and intonation.
6. Surround yourself with spoken English as much as possible. Even if you have an English radio station on and are not actively listening, you will still be picking up on the rhythm and sound of English.

Above all learning a language takes lots of practice and plenty of patience. Cherish all your individual small achievements in the new language and over time they will add up to increased fluency and confidence.
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Dear Friend,

I too had this problem when I was in my college days. I did the following things. I hope these would help you.

For nearly one year I stopped reading anything in my mother tongue. I kept on reading everything in English. Besides this I also had the opportunity of sharing everything that I had read with my friend.
Thinking in English has helped me immensely. Generally, as you know it well, we tend to think in our mother tongue and try to translate that in English. Stop doing that. Instead think in English.

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It would be useful to have English/American/Canadian/Australian friends so you could communicate with them.
Take into account that there is a slight difference between their Englishes.
My name is NEETHU . Please give me some advice or tips regarding - how to speak English fluently.
Hello friends . im Elham , 24. i wish to learn english just like my mother tongue.

i know essentional words but im not fluent. i have problems in listening. would you please help me?
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Elham i use to watch dvd videos, musics, tv programs, all in english...it helps me a lot..i can tell you that my listening is getting better quickly.
hey, im a canadian born chinese and i've learned cantonese and english at the same time at a very young age. It takes patience and months and months of practice. Try speaking in english regularly and stop speaking of thinking in your mother tongue. Also, I strongly recommand you to watch english speaking movies and tv programs.

To be a fluent speaker, you must first have good english pronounciation, speak slowly, don't be shy and just speak. Learn to correct yourself and try to talk like your english speaking friends.

Good Luck!
I have the same problem about it. And I think we should consider it as a permanent task.
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Dear friend,

I had been the same problem to speak english for two to three years, the advice in regard of this problem that you should read english news papers as much as possible

dont be shy,and just speak and when u r reading news paper a small dictionary should

near u and after this you will feel that you have lot of vocabulary this exercise would be beneficial for u and the second one is try to speak english with others and join the company of people who speak english.
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