I know it's a bit off-topic, but I find it is related to any kind of teaching:
Do you find it OK to tell a student/pupil, of any age, in any discipline, to learn something by heart, and then ask, when they have to write a paper, "recite your lesson about XWZ"?
I personally am totally against it; I find it's completely against the comprehension of any thing.
I'd be very glad to have your opinion on the matter.

I completely agree with you! The excercise simply involves retaining the words for a sufficient length of time to enable recitation parrot-fashion! No learning or comprehension is required, and the whole thing is a complete waste of time. I have also found the same to be true of repetetive writing.
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I'm glad to have your opinon about this!
Hi allEmotion: smile
I do think the same as you: repetition brings no real learning or developing of any skill needed to learn a language. However, I find drilling very useful in some specific occasions. For example, with little children when they are learning some vocabulary, the alphabet or pronunciation, be it in songs, chants or even a contest! In any other different occasion I find it boring for the children... and for me!Emotion: wink
What do you think?
Yeah, I find reciting helpful in some instances.

e.g. when I first learned Japanese, I memorized the dialogs in the lessons. So when I practised Japanese, I could automatically reply with some stock responses I've memorized. And when I've practised enough, the memorization part goes away and my speech becomes automatic.
The same idea with reciting literary masterpieces (like SHakespeare's sonnets). But I wouldn't memorize my teacher's remarks. Oh no.

Learning how to write Chinese characters takes drilling also.

But I stopped memorizing after I got in secondary school......That shaped my personality somewhat....I'm more creative than my classmates who did memorize, but they tend to store more facts in their heads.
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Hi Novalee,

I agree, drilling has its uses, and can even be fun for both adults and children. Mindless repetition however serves no function.