I was told it's great to learn English in UK. What school is known to be best over there? City doesn't matter. Please help. Emotion: yes
There's no answer to that.

1. We don't know how old you are.
2. We don't know which is best.
3. Even if we did, the best one is probably full.
4. And again, even if we did, you might not be able to afford the fees.
5. You can't just choose which school to go to.
6. By the time you've come over the 'best school' might have been overtaken.

I'm 21...
This doesn't sound encouraging. Emotion: sad I was just hoping to find a school known to offer qualitative courses so that it's not just a waste of money... But thanks for your reply anyway!
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Everybody has to leave school by the age of 18, so you're too old for school anyway.

You need to contact the British Embassy in the country where you live and ask for websites of UK colleges.