Hello everyone,

It nice to meet you. My name is Danny, I am Israeli and I learn English for half a year. I have many hobbies, and I like to learn new cultures.

i think I will have a lot of questions in English in the future, so I will be happy to know you all. I hope I can help other people with English and also being helped sometime.

something interesting. In the last days i discovered an interesting online site, where you can learn an interactive English course. i learn at this site and I think it is very good. the address is: http://nob.e101.com


Hi Nobunaga. Look forward to seeing all your questions. Emotion: smile
Okay, first question. Is it the same English language in all of the "English speaking" lands? If I learn English in America, or in Britain, will they understand me also in New Zealand, Australia and any other English speaking country?

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They certainly will. You will adopt the accent of the country in which you learn English, and the spelling is slightly different (and a bit easier) in America, but all English speakers will understand you without any problem.
Hey, and welcome! Check out this site (reading, grammar, listening): http://www.esl-lab.com . Good luck, Mauro
hello nice to meet you. my nam is megy , I am indonesian. I want speak english togetherEmotion: big smile
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Quite recently, I learned that American English and English in the UK differ not only in the pronunciation of words, but also some of the words are completely different in relation to the same subject. For example , a taxi - United States and cab in the GB.