You all know how hard learning a languge is.Of course,everyone has his own pace to learn a languge.

What i want to ask you is :

Is There a chance I won't speak perfectly english even though I've been learning consisently for a long ?

Honestly,I'm afraid of happening to it. My dream is to speak English fluently,without translating the words to my languge.

It seems no logical to me at all,i always have thoughts in hebrew and anything doesn't seem to surprisingly change it.

I want to improve my creativty while writing or creating sentence in speaking.

I hope you will help me.
Hello, Alon - and welcome to English Forums.

If you did not learn English from childhood, you will not speak 'perfect' English - but then neither do about 90% of English speakers. You can approach perfection, so closely that no one will notice any 'errors'. I can tell you, however, that it takes a learner roughly 700-800 hours of instruction to progress from zero English to basic English, so don't worry if it seems to be taking a lot of time.