When my friends and all sit together we just think and discuss about this topic because there are friends which belong to the field to language and literature, but the confusion is that literature students says that langauge can well studied through and language student says that without there is no literature can anyone help understanding this question of literature and language? and also another question arises that which is easy either it is language or literature, if there is any indian student please write your opinon and views of others are always expected as this is something very much discuss among us.

Thank you .
Literature is easy to understand. Studying a language could be hard.(depends on the person, you see). I think it is easy to understand a language through literature(as you put it). Then again I'm a literature student. But I'm sure everyone would agree with me.
The short answer to your question is that you study English literature to understand English literature, and this will not necessarily be of use in understanding the conversation at a bus stop.

It is important to understand that writing and speaking are two different, although related, phenonema.
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Yeah, I think that the literature is very good for us to learn a foreign language. It helps us to think in that language, in this case it's English. And that's the most important factor to master English.