I'm a soon to be trainee solicitor working in Hong Kong and I would like to know if there are resources (in any form and with a focus on British English) out there that teaches how to write legal english? Most law students (especially when English is their second language) just learned legal english by memorizing set phrases without understanding their actually meaning or how they came about. Knowing how / when to use these phrases / terms will enhance my confidence in drafting legal documents.
Hello Minminminmin,

You might be interested to know that even native speakers of English mostly work by copying documents that have already been made...it's not such a bad way to learn.

Good luck!

I would suggest you contact Jeremey Walenn who is a Legal English author and trainer who curently lives and teaches in Hong Kong. He is the author of English for Law in Higher Education which was published in 2009.

I am an English Solicitor and Legal English trainer and visit South east asia regularly as my wife is Chinese. I specialise in legal writing and document drafting in an international context and run intensive courses. Although I will be in Malaysia and Singapore shortly I do not have specific plans as yet for visiting Hong Kong although it may be from September onwards. I also have an English solicitor friend who lived and worked as a lawyer in Hong Kong for many years and he returns to live in Honk Kong for six months each year . I will be seeing him today and mention your query .

Kind regards

Alan Jones