Hi everybody,
I'm from Vn ,I'm an English learner.What do u think about teaching English in Vn ? is my topic.O.K ,plz tell me what do u think about it? Waiting for everybody.Sculp
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hi my dear Sculp
I thank you have nice people .

ambitious -Yemen
Got stuck in Bangkok as I had no entry visa for Vietnam. Seems impossible to get one on arrival. Tell us about your lovely country. The food is marvellous.
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u c i'm viet 2
but have no clue about vietnamese
i was born here in america n my parents r
tryin 2 teach me. i been to viet this summer
it was great n all but the english that is being
spoken is horrible. maybe i'll learn how 2 read n write
in vietnamese someday n come back 2 viet. 2 teach
i totally agree with ambitious on the idea that the Vietnamese are very nice people.
I also agree with that America-born Vietnamese about the Pronunciation problem. must be focused on pronunciation more.
I personally think its all up to the person whether they want willing enough to go the extra miles of learning their language and culture. i'm viet as well, born in New Zealand, yet my accent is as great as a native vietnamese ... the difficulties I have are the vocabulary and all the jargons that they use! I agreed that the english accent in Viet is not as great...i guess its becaust they (native viets) don't speak english at a daily basis. I'm off to Vietnam in June to teach English at my friends English school (owned and operated by Native viets) - can you imagine the teachers' accent there. Be pround viets!
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I was born and grow up here in Vietnam. I agree with some of you that the accent is not very good but not all the learners. 10 years ago, the most prominent foreign language is Russian and now it is English. French is studied and well used by a lot of people here for nearly 100 years. Anyway, things are changing, and the accent is being improved. So I myself believe that the pronunciation problem will be sorted out.


Please correct me on my Viet spelling ;o)

I returned to England last week, having spent a wonderful month in Vietnam. In fact, I enjoyed the experience so much that I am now making plans to return to teach English. So what is so good about Vietnam? The folk there are eager to learn and academically show alot of potential. On a pesonal note, it is also one of the few places you can actually escape from the West, no McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks and Benetton and truly immerse yourself in the culutral delights of Vietnamese coffee (the best in the world), the fresh produce used in cooking and the truly outstanding taylors who will cater to your every request-nothing is impossible in the eyes of the Vietnamese, you might get same same but different, but you still get it - I didn't hear the word "can't" spoken once whilst I was out there.

I am seriously looking into a TEFL course, that will take me back to Vietnam, hopefully for a year. I'm looking for a school or college in Hoi An or Nha Trang, rather than Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. If anyone has any advice, please post it up. I have had an interview at the AUA in Thailand, their course starts in November and lasts four weeks. Does this conincide with the Vietnamise term dates? I would hate to qualify and then find I have to wait a further six months before the next term begins - in England our terms generally run from September to July (a month either side for Colleges and Universities).

Any comments welcomed.

Emotion: smile

I teach english here in Vietnam @ Viet My ( VATC) Classes run all year round. There are no terms. It was easy to get hired on here, but I hear the government want to make some changes in regards to what qualifications teachers need to work here. I don't know what the changes in qualifications are, but I heard that out of 752 foreign teachers here, only 2 would qualify under the new rule. I can't imagine them actually doing this, but anything is possible with this government. I would suggest you call one of the english schools here in Vietnam before you make your final plans. Again I don't think the government will really make these changes, I hope not any ways. As far as working here, I love it. The children are great as long as you keep them interested. I feel the Vietnamese teachers do a good job teaching the grammar skills,but their speaking skills aren't that great. So you, as the foreigner teacher, need to focus on pronunciation. If you do your job, and the Vietnamese teachers do theirs, you will have success. Best of luck to you.
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