Hi everybody!!!

As you all well know learning vocabulary is one of the most strenuous tasks Elementary students have to face. What's more, Advanced students come upon the same problem as they pile up set of new words with each lesson.

I read somewhere that you have to come across a single word at least 7 times in different context in order to properly get its meaning. Do you know a good link to a dictionary or other kind of source where you can type a word and get its usage in different context (like extracts from literary sources, etc.)? My concern is not with the meaning of the word but with its usage.

Thank you!

I'd strongly suggest buying these books:

Oxford Collocations
The BBI Dictionary for English Word Combinations

Also, consider this site:
(both word and idiom searches)
as they provide many examples

For literary context, I'd suggest searches at:

on the literature.post site, say search with:
site:literaturepost.com "struggle with"
(quotation marks are important)

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Thank you very much Marius,

Google.com is one of the possible decisions but, most of the times, when you search through the address bar you get a lot of name domains containing the word you're searching for, and have nothing to do with the usage of the word (i.e. names of firms, advertisement products, etc.)

Answers.com is a very good web site, but still it doesn't attend to my needs.

Literaturepost.com doesn't have an address bar at all, so I didn't quite get what you mean. Please elaborate on that last one some more.

You see, what I want is extracts from newspapers, books, articles, etc. with the respective word I'm searching for.

Go to

Type in the search box:
site:literaturepost.com "struggle with"
(quotation marks are important)
start the search (click on Google Search)
and see what you get.

This way, the Google search machine will look for pages at literaturepost.com that contain the string "struggle with."
Sometimes asterisks around the search query words help a lot too.
P.S. I love the look-in-the-google bit Emotion: smile
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NOW I get what you mean. Useful one. Thanks a lot!