My son was absent yesterday because he was late, now he have to submit an application his my school. I need some help with this... please check error in my letter, i'll be veryt thankful to you

I want it to be more professional so suggest some line using heavy english words! and please check my error, Thanks again


The class teacher,

Name of school,


Respected sir,

Subject: Leave for one-day.

This is to inform you that my son, Name, student for class 7th A, didn't attain the school on DATE, as he was late because of rain

So kindly grant him leave for one-day.

Thanking you!
Was your son absent from school all day or was he simply late for school?

I get the feeling that your son was absent for the entire day, but you are not clear.

When writing a letter to a school official explaining absence or tardiness, I would take the position that it was your decision that led to the events in question and that it is your right and duty to protect and decide on behalf of your child.

"I kept my child at home because I was concerned for his safety in the heavy rain. This is why he was absent from school and why I request that you grant him leave for one day."

Sincerely yours,


I hope this helps you.

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Dear Sir,

You need to consult a dictionary so as to rectify your spelling related mistakes. So called Heavy words are not required, even a simple and meaningful language would do. You need to mention you name at the end of the letter after proper salutation. Lastly, You should take care of punctuation.

dear teacher

this is to inform you that my daughter Amna student for class ninth A did not attend the school because she was cataract surger 7 April 2017.

So kindly grant her leave from 7 - 13 April 2017.

your sincerely

This is inform you that my daugjter is Amna class in 9th A did not attend the school 7 April 2017 because she was cateract eye surgery.

So kindly grant leave for one week

your sincerely

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Allowed your child on leave but we are not responsible for pending work

Thanks for gave me d messages yesterday about my son fever which is made give him treatment and I couldn't give leave letter yesterday thank you


B.v.m school

Domari , ramnagar,varanasi


My daughter of class 6 muskan dubey is suffering from stomach ache.

so grant her today leave i am requesting you.

Your faithfully

Madhuri dubey

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The principal

D.B.P.S dhobhan (ARA)

Subject=leave for one day



With due to respect,I beg to say that I am student of class seventh.

I could not attend in class next one day,so please kindly grant me leave for one days.

I am thanking for you.

Your obdients

Name=priyanshu Kumar

Class= seventh

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