please guide me how to write a leave application to my principal of special school for three month 8th of may to 31st may... thanks
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I have to go abroad to see my family so pls help me to write letter to the principal for two months

With due respect, I would like to inform you that my son JAZIB POOLAKKODAN is studying in 4th (A Division) of your school. Due to some emergency, he have UAE residence visa and they must enter in UAE before 6 month. Therefore, he will be absent for two week.

Hence, kindly grant him for leaves of 10 days from 6th Nov to 18th Nov, 2017. i.e. since he needs to travel out of town

I assure you that he would catch up with his studies and notes once he resumes school from 20th November.

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The principle

Because of some personal reason i have to go out of the country.i am ( aishath class 3B ) who are studying in your school can not attand the classes from 1 st of october till 1 st of january. please accept my absense day,

Thanking you,

yours truly

i am working in a company.my son studing in Malayasia university.i am planing to go to see my son on Nov 16 th. i am back in november 25 th.

I would like to have a draft of letter asking leave for 20 days for overseas visit with my parents for their important matter. I am a university student and appreciate if you could give me a draft of such letter. Thank you in advance.
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Please guide me how to write application to the principal for 8 months leave for going abroad

Sub: Prayer for leave of advance.
I am Saha, a teacher at your school. I am writing this application to inform you that I need leave in advance from 4th February to 15th March 2018. Since I have to go abroad to meet my family.
I kindly request you to grant my leave on the above mentioned days and help me to go to visit overseas.

Hi I need leave letter to go abroad seeking permission to principal

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Leave from student

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