please guide me how to write a leave application to my principal of special school for three month 8th of may to 31st may... thanks
Please guide me how to write a leave application to my pricipal of special school from 8th of april to 31 st may.... Thanks.

The Principal

Dear Madame,

Because of some personal reasons I have to go out of the country for 5days. My family is also accompanying me, so my children ( dim and dum in 2nd standard) who are studying in your school can not attend the classes from May 1st to May 6th . Please grant leave for them for these 5 days.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,

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My son was absent for 20 days due to His grand mother died from Heart attack.
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how to write if you are in another country for some nationality process and stuck there for 2 months for the ongoing process and could not attend college for two months
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