hi, plz help me .i wanna write a letter for leave to the principle of our school where i work as data entry operator. here what i write.
i am writing this letter to inform you that i am in need of one day leave on 21st May for personal reason.
Sincerely yours,
Dear Mr [surname],

I would like to request one day's leave on May 21st for personal reasons.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

[full name]
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You should start every sentence with a capital letter. You should also write a capital letter I when referring to yourself.

"plz" an "wanna" are not valid words. You should try to use correct English spellings like please and want to.

You should not leave a space before a full stop.

You should also explain your problem


You should also explain your problem

My grandmother passad 2 day before so I want to leave one day
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anonymousMy grandmother passed away 2 days ago. I want one day's leave to attend her funeral.

what type for subject to leave

I work here as a Copy Editor. You have taken me to pay a salary of Rs.24,674. But now you have paid Rs.22,000. I do not talk about the former salary for hiring. You have to raise my salary Why is my salary reduced, say the reason? with Regards
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