please help me correct the sentence
Dear sir,
My daughter want leave for family temple funtion in kerala, Hence please grant me one day leave on 27-03-07 for attending the funtion
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Is it your daughter or you who wants the leave? the first sentence says your daughter, and the second sentence says you.

Won't it sound odd for your daughter not to have written her own leave letter?

I am requesting one day's leave for a family temple function in Kerala on 27.03.07.
leave letter for my daughter
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OK, so wouldn't it make sense for your daughter to write it herself as I suggested.

If you really want to write it on her behalf you have to change it to

Dear sir,
My daughter would liketo request leave for a family temple funtion in Kerala. Please grant her one day's leave on 27-03-07 so that she can attend the function.
thank you guru
Dear Sir,

We are going to India on May 1. We like to take our son with us. He could not attend classes from May 1 to June 12. So i kindly request you to grant him leave for those days.

thanking you,

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how can i writte the leave letter for my daughter's medical reasonto her headmaster?
Start by writing down what you would say if you were speaking directly to the headmaster,

Best wishes, Clive
my daughter M.Bhavadharani Viii th standard "f" section Matric studing in your school, she was suffering from dsentry ,hence she was not attend the school on 8-12-2008 .Please excuse her absent.
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