how to prepare a leave reuest for onam festival?
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Hello, This is to inform you about that this week onam festival is there so I along with my whole family members planed to attend the festival at our native place so I'm requesting you to grant me 3 days leave so that I can enjoy the joyful moment with the family.

I'll be there in the office by 8th of this month.

Yours sincerely,

(Amit tiwari)

Dear Mr [surname],

This week, the Onam Festival in my home town will be held, and I and my family would like to attend, so I would like to request you to grant me 3 days' leave. I would return to the office by the 8th of this month.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Amit Tiwari

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Dear sir/madam,

I am X from 3rd ECE.I would like to go home on tomorrow,due to the ONAM festival. Kindly grant me the permission for the leave from Date 21-08-17 to Date 24-08-17.I will be back here on 25-08-17.Thankyou very much for your consideration.



Dear sir, Iam planning to work in Kerala for field visit from 30/09/2019 onwards to one week. So kindly approve the same. Thank you for your consideration.

Hello Sir/Mam

I would like to inform you that 13-jan-2020 is our festival Lohri. Kindly allow me take one day leave.

Thanks & Regards

Name=Surinder Kumar

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