how to prepare a leave reuest for onam festival?
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Simply start by writing as if you were speaking to your boss. Post your letter here and we will check it for you,

Kindly grant me a day leave on 16th Sep 2013, I’m going to my native place Kerala due to “Onam Festival”.

I would be highly obliged if you sanction me leave on Monday.

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Dear Mr [surname],

Kindly grant me one day's leave on Monday, September 16th. I would like to return to my hometown, Kerala, for the Onam Festival.

Thank you very much for you consideration of my request.

Sincerely yours,

I would like to inform you that tomorrow (16-sep-13) is our festival onam. Kindly allow me take one day leave .

Thanks & regards
Dear Mr [surname],

Tomorrow, Monday the 16th of September, is our festival Onam. Kindly allow me to take one day's leave.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

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AnonymousSir,I would like to inform you that tomorrow (16-sep-13) is our festival onam. Kindly allow me take one day leave .Thanks & regards
For a number of reasons, this is far inferior to the suggestion by Mr. M above: among other problems, the name of the festival should be capitalized, and the date is incorrectly represented.

Subject : Requesting for accept my leave application

Dear Sir ,

I would like to inform you that, I was unable to report to work due to an acute attack of food poisoning.

So kindly grant me leave for one day

Please see the attached report of my treatment.

Hi Sir,

Greetings for the day,

I would like to take leave for 4 days from date 05.SEPT.2017 to 08.SEPT.2010. This leave is taking for celebrating our one and only Big festival called "ONAM" a religious observance of my native state Kerala.

Please be kind to me and award me leave of just four days. So that I can spend & enjoy the cheerful moments of ONAM with my family.

I will be back in office on 11th August and incase of any emergency I am ready to connect remotely. 04.SEPT.2017 is Optional holiday for ONAM.

Thank you very much for any help you can give.





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