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Voice Change: When They Started?

Voice change: When they started the class, everyone was given a book.


how to be not hesitated while giving answers ?


I need to leave, do you mind?

Can You Use For Twice?

can you use for twice in a sentence

Why My Partner Respect Me?

Why my partner respect me allwys am feeling useless

Aeroplane Any Fool Could See?

Aeroplane any fool could see that

Where Should I Use To?

where should i use to and from

When Did You Write This?

When did you write this poem

Letter Of Sponsorship?

I own a company and an employee of the company wants the company to assist him with a letter of sponsorship for his second under-graduate program in USA. Please me with a sample...

Really? I Don't Know Why?

Really? I don't know why we always bored when we alone? I have a brother, he is three, but he very naughty. Sometimes, I feel hate him, sometimes I feel happy. I'm not an only...

Improvement Of Sentence?

What is accurate? We've got a big new house. Or, We've got a new big house.

This Is Totally Unacceptable We?

This is totally unacceptable we need to see hard work and effort from your side.

What Other Comparisons Are Used?

What other comparisons are used in the poem the seven ages of man?


What is the possible meaning of flesh and blood

What Is Alphabetic Keys On?

what is alphabetic keys on computer??? I need it now plsss....!!!!

Theft Of A Bike Over A Year Ago?

Hi i need some help over a year ago i took a bike and sold it to a shop round the corner i was going thru a bad patch and am now going on the right path in life after going to...

Use Of Each And OR Together?

Hi there, I have a minor query on the correctness of the below specified sentence: "All symbols on each of the reels 2, 3 and / or 4" Can we use "each" and "or" in the same...

Never Goes Away.Is This Sentence?

never goes away.is this sentence grammatically right?

Student Years Is/ Are Best?

Student years is/ are best period

Need Help?

1.He had left the house by the time his father had come /came/come.. Please help me to find the right one. Had come Came Come


Proper use of Alleged and Stated

Correction Of Sentence?

the party is a regular customer and there are no dues against her....is this sentence right?

"As Requested"?

Sentence: "Jones shall work with the Deacons and Pastor to respond to Community inquiries or sanctions, consult and advise as requested by the Deacons or Secretary." To what...


What is a free composition

The Judge Ordered Me To?

The judge ordered me to have parenting time with my daughter in May and alternating Saturdays thereafter.
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