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The Bus?

Dad is coming home using (a/the) bus. Here I was talking to my son, and he knows what a bus is, but never knew if his dad is using a bus. When I first said this, I said "the...

How Can I Get This?

how can I get this done quick

Land Law Co-Ownership?

Okay, lets say the title to a house is registered in x's sole name, even though y contributed 20% of the purchase price to the property from their savings and lived there with...

Capital Punishment?

As for me, I disagree with the author of the essay [link] that death penalty is a good way of punishment for criminals. In my opinion, it is much easy for them to die than to...

What Is Bright But Never?

What is bright but never spins

I Need Help Answering This Riddle?

Jack boards a train from Leicester to London at 12 till 1 . What colour are the train driver's socks.

I Have Always Hated Peanut Butter. I Know...

what type of paragraph is


is it possible to say "my clothes is big on me."?

I Don’T Quite Catch The?

I don’t quite catch the meaning of a phrase “ We'll take the stuff home” who can help me Thanks.


i want a words without vowels like rhythm

Paragraph Types?

Any one can explain these paragraph types with reason (a) I have always hated peanut butter. I know peanuts are good for you. They have nutrients and vitamins, discovered by...

Rearrange The Letters To Form A Word That...

C e f h n o s s

Roman Numbers?

i need hellp reading roman numers so i thout i would start with counting too 10. so what are thesee numbers ; I II III IV V VI VII VIII X

My Project‼️?

Hello everyone! I am Kate from Russia and I am doing project at school about cartoons around the world. Can you answer the following question: which English cartoon character...

Sumbody Please Help Me Write?

Sumbody please help me write a quotation letter for 350 chairs at 50$ each for 24 hours

They Did Not Have The?

They did not have the skills needed to sail to Pacific Islands. What does it mean? Is this means that they were skilled enough? Or They are lack of skills to sail to Pacific Islands...

What Is The Difference Between?

what is the difference between enemy and foe.


"Office of the Consumer Protection Board" I need a translation into Russian. But If someone can help, then give a synonym to that abbreviation so I could at least think of some...

Could Someone Give Me Recomendation

Could someone give me recomendation - is it realy possible to work in legal sphere in GB or USA if i will have L.LM, Master of Law which i receive in Ukraine

I Know This Is Not

I know this is not about language, but I think this is the best forum to ask such a question. I am an italian graduate and I'd like to attend a LLM abroad. Is there anyone who...

I Feel Like Im In?

I feel like im in a cage its a little windy out but im not going to fly im in the city limits is where I reside my sister used to reside near by

Help Me,?

future-proofing, SecurePay and Paypal. Please explain it to me

Health Is Wealth Explain?


Hi... I Am New Hear?

hi... i am new hear how we can write a later..

Writing A Powerful Sentence?

You will be glad you signed up for this course
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