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Which is correct? On the last episode or in the last episode?


“advertisement” includes any act which, by whatever means, causes the statement to be seen or known by an ordinary person for trading purposes; Could you guys give a nice synonym...

Legal Document?

I have a legal document and I would like to know what "bis" means "Section 35 bis." Like here

What Does "Reasonable" Mean Here?

"In the performance of duties under paragraph one, the competent official shall be provided with reasonable by the person concerned." Is reasonable a noun?

English (The Canterville Ghost )?

the ghost and Mr. Otis family presented a clash between English and the united states . Explain

Write An Application To Your?

write an application to your boss for leaver to attending marriage ceremony of my cousin at faisalabad.

Court Fine?

I have a court fine that went collections,and would like the judge to reinstate the fine with out intrest.

Law Definition Needed To Be Explained...

Mere silence as to facts likely to affect the willingness of a person to enter into a contract is not fraud, unless the circumstances of the case are such that, regard being had...

How To Use Prepositions After?

how to use prepositions after verbs

Which Sentence Is Correct?

"Our attorneys and lawyers follow the highest professional standards to provide for the maximum protection of the Clients’ interests and confidence of information concerning the...

On Demand?

Is it correct to write:"The Confirmation issued for presentation on demand" or better to say:"The Confirmation issued To Whom It May Concern", Thank you in advance

I Need To Solve This?

I need to solve this riddle. There is A princess and 4 doors every night the Princess can go into one door. The next night she has to go to the door right beside it. She can't...

As Soon As?

as soon as


He did not know where hid sister was and I did not either


a metaphor for a dense , dark forest

Regarding Recorrection In Marksheets?

i want to convey my request to dean that i have submited my marksheets from last two years but the correction have not done yet so i want to request to dean to make my work done...

Is It Better To Say....If?

Is it better to say....If it was Tom I would have done the same thing. Or If it was Tom I would have did the same thing

Difference Between Policy And Act?

difference between policy and Act

Not Only-But Also?

#1 Not only the officer but also six soldiers were also killed. #2 Not only is Ram is going to Mumbai for a month, but he is also going to Goa for a couple of weeks...


Can humans live without conflicts?

Yesterday, A Man Jumped From?

Yesterday, a man jumped from our 7 storey office building. But he was left uninjured. How did THAT happen?

I Need Help?

i need help

Our New Office?

how to write a letter my manger

State Board Hearing (IFF)?

how can I write a letter for my informal fact finding hearing for my State Board?


what types of sentences can have a dependent/subordinate clause in them?
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