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Rekha Did'nt Come?

rekha did'nt come

What Is My Postcode?

What is my postcode

Rewrite This Article?

When the Roto-Copter falls, air pushes up against the blades, bending them up just a little. When air pushes upward on the slanted blade, some of that thrust becomes a sideways...

Is This Sentence Correct?

If not, please correct me. I'm seeking for a flat spacious enough for me to feel comfortable in it and cheap enough for me to be able to pay the rent without problem. I want...

Hey Teachers, If U Hurt?

Hey teachers, if u hurt someone before and now they are taking revenge off u, so can i say, ''she is really getting it on/off me''? I know its generally said, she is getting...

What Happens When You Change?

what happens when you change babe babies

I Am Sure I Would?

I am sure I would have regretted it if I ……… to take the job.

What Is A Possessive Noun?

What is a possessive noun for we?

Parole Board Reconsideration Letter?

My husband saw the parole board, but his parole was deferred upon completion of a residential drug treatment program. This is to begin when his parole date begins to our understanding...

When Some Body Asks You?

when some body asks you to introduce yourself then what are the points that should be written serially? can you give me some general pattern of writing "about myself"

Draw After?

John Marshall: The sword and the purse, all the external relations, and no inconsiderable portion of the industry of the nation, are entrusted to its government. It can never...

The Director Vs Director?

In minutes of meetings, whenever there is a reference to the enchilada, who is, in fact, the director, I would write it as "the director said" or "the director commented". But...

Should I Take A Jug?

Should I take a jug of water? How should I answer this question in imperative

Letter To A Judge For My Fiancé?

He's due in court soon for common assault and possession of weapon in a public place . His soliciter thinks he's looking at two years .theres a back story to the offence he didn...

What Does "Drop A Contract?

what does "drop a contract "mean? is it equal to terminate or cancel a contract? thank you for any early reply

Interpet Until A Year In A Contract?

How would you interpret a contract that says if the agreed volume is not consumed until year 2018 , given price is not valid. Would it mean that 2018 is included in the time the...

What Is The Rule That?

What is the rule that says there should be quotes around letters of the alphabet?

Attitudinal Difference Between Claim,...

what is the attitudinal difference between claim, allege,assert,insist ,argue,hold in the written judgement?especially when the judge report the complain of the plaintiff and the...


what is the difference between a weapon and a firearm

Criminal Law?

I'm trying to find the closest English expression for the following (I'll try to explain it as briefly as possible). A person has committed a crime, which is punishable by a fine...

Ordinary Power Of Attorney?

My son is living in Australia and has given me Ordinary Power of Attorney I have to sign an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for him. My question is when I sign for him should...

I Am Applying For BBA?

I am applying for BBA in a university. They have asked me to write an essay on why I want to pursue the program.


difference b/w act & article

The Meaning Of A Part Of Legislation?

I do not understand the meaning of this part of The computer misuse act 1990; Could you please make it clear with an example? section 2 above shall apply as if anything the accused...

What Is Different Between Duress?

what is different between Duress and coercion from legal perspective
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