Hi. The body part of my essay has 5 paragraphs; all are equally important. However, the first 4 paragraphs are long, about 180-200 words, but the fifth is rather short, like 100-130. I don't have any choice; I am restrained by the word limit. Will it affect my essay in anyway? Will my lecturer think that my essay is not "balanced" enough/
Hi kindaichi;
Why don't you ask your lecturer? Did he set word limits per paragraph?

There are always ways to rephrase sentences, retaining the ideas but using fewer words. Likewise, to lengthen a paragraph, you can add a little more detail and supporting information. A good writer has a lot of control over the word count.

The last paragraph is usually a summary and restatement of your thesis. It can be quite short.
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Paragraphs are used to group sentences relating to a specific point of the topic you are discussing. The basic way I was taught to write an essay is:
  1. Make notes on the topic
  2. Pick out the important topics and group relating points you need to cover
  3. Write the essay structured around these points
  4. The first paragraph introduces the topics / thesis.
  5. The last paragraph is your conclusion
  6. The other paragraphs discuss the points from your notes (generally around 5 paragraphs at 100/200 level papers at the University I attended).
  7. Read what you've written and revise until you are happy with the content, grammar, and punctuation.
  8. Paragraph length isn't so important as clarity of expressing your thoughts on the subject.
The rest of the style, format, and paragraph structure depend on the instructions given to you by the school or teacher (word count, etc).
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free_spiritThe basic way I was taught to write an essay is:
Free spirit, that is very good advice! Thank you.

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