Do you have any other less expensive/cheaper bread with same size?
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It was the weekend and because most of bakeries are closed on at weekends, (hence) I went to a / the grocery (grocery store / grocer's) to buy a pack of factory-made lavash. These kinds of breads are packed in irregular sizes and numbers (sized bags) because they are produced by different factories.I picked one of these packs that was enough for me and asked for price.It was expensive.so I asked the shopkeeper "Do you have any other cheaper bread of the same size?" and he said "take this one" which was produced by another factory. After that I was wondering how to ask this in English.So I came here and asked this question. (I hope you got a satisfactory answer!)

I hope you got a satisfactory answer!
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Thank you dear AlpheccaStars Emotion: smile, and thank you KJinCali79 (Sorry, I forgot to thank you.Your reply was very instructive.Please forgive me)
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