Hi all,

I am hoping for some help, I have student that is now upper advanced i have taught as much as i can at an advanced level and now running short of things to teach, i have done everything from grammar to phrasal verbs to conditions to hard grammatical sentence structures using numerous sites but mainly esl.about.com, and i now coming to and end, if anyone can advise further or suggest some sites for an upper advanced level i would be extremely grateful.

I like the 'Adcanced grammar & vocabulary student's book' by Mark Skipper for C1 to C2-level, ISBN 1-84325-509-X, published by Express Publishing, http://www.expresspublishing.co.uk . If a person know everything within the book hence one doesn't need a teacher any more:-) It is my favorite book and I enjoy it every time. The variety is enormous and I fancy a very good value for money.
"Even converstaion had collapsed under the heat" is this a metaphor, personification?