You will be happy to hear that the company ________ move to the new location until next month.

(A) should

(B) doesn't have to

(C) would have to

(D) didn't need to

________ everyone else is gone, I think we can lock up and go home.

(A) So

(B) Therefore

(C) While

(D) Since

The last time I ________ her was two months ago.

(A) seeing

(B) see

(C) saw

(D) have seen

I lent Peter some money, so he ________ worry about paying the rent.

(A) should

(B) doesn't have to

(C) would have to

(D) must

________ Star Wars four times because it's such a fun movie to watch!

(A) I'd seen

(B) I've seen

(C) I've been seeing

(D) I'm seeing

What's wrong in this sentence?

What do you think about the entrees on


menu in this restaurant?


(A) do

(B) about

(C) the

(D) menu

Could you tell me the new intern's name again?


I must try to remember it. I would not do forget it


normally. Can you remember it ?


(A) Could you tell me

(B) I must try to remember

(C) would not do forget it

(D) Can you remember it

We need to take some lessons, because my boyfriend doesn't know how to ski and ________ I.

(A) not either do

(B) neither do

(C) so do

(D) either do

I have lived here ________ 1998.

(A) from

(B) since

(C) for

(D) during

I hope taking a course in information


systems next year to improve my skills.


(A) taking

(B) in

(C) systems

(D) next year

Going to Hawaii on vacation sounds


as a wonderful idea.


(A) Going

(B) on

(C) sounds

(D) as
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Comments  (Page 3) 
'Will be completed'. 'Is going to complete' is wrong because 'complete' is not an active verb here.
Thanks Mister. appreciate your help.
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what will be the answer for below.

Greg said he _____ help next time.

(A.) would request
(B) will request
(C) might have requested
(D ) requested.
First, which do you think, amit? (Actually, all 4 are possible, but I know which one the test writer expects you to choose as correct.)
I am with the Option A. I think as per reported speech rules, it should be would. What you think?
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Hi Mister,

the below one will be "Review" or "to review" and why ?

I'll have my most experienced staff member __ the proposal outline.

Have/make/let someone do something.
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