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Unfortunately, he doesn't need it carried anymore. Pity. Emotion: sad
Led Zeppelin and/or Black sabbath
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As a guitarist Angus Young is pretty good too (though possibly misguided in a Satanic kinda way).

The "Who's" part of the question kinda makes me think of individuals as opposed to groups.

Ry Cooder! Yay!
Dave Gilmour! (Very weird, but WAY groovy)
Me! (Shitful, but I like it)
I have many favorites rock bands! Rock is my favorite gerne, especially indie-rock. According to me the best rock band in history is Led Zeppelin! I love it! Best lead singer Thom Yorke, from Radiohead, i love the way he sing. The best rock guitarist? Joe Satriani, of course! Emotion: big smile