I noticed a lot of replies (mostly anonymous guests) to the greatest rapper thread. I have nothing much to give in that area so I thought I'd start another one.

Who is the best lead singer, rock guitarist and rock band of all times?

Lead singer I would say Freddie Mercury (Queen). It's a pity he died so young.

The best rock guitarist has to be Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple and Rainbow).
The way he mixes medieval melodies with chrunching chords is great. Playing Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony" on his electric guitar accompanied by a symphony orchestra is pretty impressive. Metallica couldn't quite do the same. Other favourites would be Eddy Van Halen and Brian May.

The best band...that's a tough one. I need to think about it.
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the beatles? the guns n roses? metallica ????????
my favorates are:The Beatles ,
Guns N' Roses,
Pink Floyd, &
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
theres no elvis in your list wood?
No, I'm not a fan of Elvis. If I hear his music on the radio, I usually change stations. I just can't get into his music. I don't mind the beatles though I wouldn't go out and buy a CD of theirs.
Guns and Roses. I like Slash (the guitarist). He's more into blues than rock but does a good job of it anyway. I like the build up to/and the lead solo in November Rain (the long version).
Pink Floyd is great at 3 o'clock in the morning when things are humming along quite nicely. I like their originality and how they go out of the typical 3 minute verus-chorus-verse song! Many times they play etheral almost floating music that takes you many places.
RHCPeppers are not bad. Good pub/party music.
Faith no more is along the same lines. I love their song EPIC.
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i too am not crazy elvis fan but he is great dont you agree, the question here is who's the greatest not who is your fav.!
[8] my fav no. is the november rain. When I look into your eyes....
When you look into my eyes I melt. Who wrote this song?
It's the first line of November Rain by Guns N Roses.
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Right, Woodward! Freddie and Ritchie/Brian May will be fine. As about band... hehe... Beatles. Forever. Any objections?[6]Come on, I will eagerly eat you alive!
Nirvana all the way. Kurt wrote excellent lyrics, and his guitar style, though sometimes simple
was totally original and really intense.
best guitarist? ever heard of a guy named Hendrix? There's no one worthy of carrying his guitar case.
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