Let me warm you
when the night is sad
Let me warm you
when your heart is mad
Let me warm you
when you have no words but mine
Let me warm you
when you can't teach me right
Let me warm you
when you can't reach my soul tonight
Let me warm you
when I am singing along this song

Let me hear your voice
Let your heart speak
Let me inside your head
All I wish for is my only love
Like I have never done before.
Let me in, open your door.
Let me break the walls
Let me now, let me, let me.

Terrible isn't it? It's dedicated to my soul mate. Any comments appreciated
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hi Maj,
i was just going through these old threads, and what do you know - got to read your poem, 'Let me' this is one of the most touching poems i've read in a long while...your soulmate is lucky - your poem surely made me miss mine,:-(
Yes i agree maj, terrible! Why waste such beautiful words, on deaf ears......
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I agree with you. I suppose it's my fate.
..and mine aswell...so unfortunate
One prosperous mind
Two lonely hearts
so much wasted time.
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u write beautifully...terrible would be the last word for this work
Hi Maj,

I am a new member in this forum. I was going through the poetry section and i really like what u wrote...its really niceEmotion: smile I dont write poetry but i like to read poetry.


You should let me love you
Let me be the one who
will always love you
with a song.
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