Will the night stall for me?
Will the moon wait for me?
Will they give me enough time
To meet with my Love?
The night has come dressed
Wearing sweet frangrances in abundance
To narrate the events of the night
The stars have grouped up above
Foarming beautiful garlands
Whispering my love story.
A love-fair is happening tonight
With no fear of tomorrow
or the morrow after.
Beyond the limits of the town
Of my world of Love
Our love will prevail eternally.
If only the night
will wait for me
If only the moon
will stall for me
And give me enough time
To meet my Lover!
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Anita, this poem is so moving! What's the story behind it, may I ask?
Thanks Maj. Would u believe it if I said that I wrote it when I finished watching the movie, "romeo and juliet" recently?!
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If you want me to tell you the truth, in this day and age I'd believe just about anything you'd say. I would have loved to hear that you have written a new poem about love but life is sad, isn't it? Emotion: sad
First, let me tell you anita, you're very dynamic on this site, that makes it very rich, and we are really in need of people like you. That one is very great, there's romance, love, affection, sorrow, happiness... I hope you keep on watching movies and writing -:), the list is very long: Gone with the wind, Love story, Titanic, les oiseaux se chachent pour mourire (Birds hide to die)...

Good Luck
Thanks Maj. Please don't say that life is sad! Have a positive outlook.Going through my poems I don't know if anyone would believe that I'm a cheerful, fun-loving happy-go-lucky girl.But I love poems and I'm very emotional and passionate too.
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Thanks a lot Saad.Thanks for the compliment.Its the first time that I got an inspiration from a movie and wrote a poem. I don't think I can do it always!If u go thro all the poems that I have posted here U'll agree that not all are love poems...
The night has come...
To narrate the events of the night

I like this thought, Anita.

Thank you Mr.Pedantic.Glad that you read my poem and responded too.
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