I want to apply for International Prject Mnagement, I've read you exampels and write a motivation letter. Could you please help me to correct it? let me know your comments on my letter. Thanks alot for your help

I would like to apply for the Master's Degree in International Project Management for the XXX, provided by XXX university.

I am convinced that the program corresponds well with my future plans of seeking a career in an international company. It is my dream and ambition to be admitted and pursue my post-graduate studies in the field of International Project Management in order to develop a career that leads to working across the world. I believe XXX is the best place to achieve my career objectives; it has an integrated manner of learning and studying, beside the university is well known for its intimacy with high technology industries

I have completed my Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from I have always maintained an excellent grade average, and I feel that I am a high achiever with outstanding work and research habits. In addition to my academic activities, I have also had a chance to take part in academic volunteer activities, and thereby gain experience in working as a volunteer. I was the member of The Software Group in Industrial department in my university, we studied and discussed about new revisions of professional software in planning field (MS Project & P3), Information Technology (Access, SQL & Oracle) & OR (XXXX). We had professional groups in every field and publish some papers about useful softwares for other students in our department; also we held educational classes for students of university. We guided freshman students in university about useful software in our major.

Since April, 2004, I have worked in XXX on Planning & Project Control department. XXX is subsidiary of XXX Group.XXX is considered internationally as a highly qualified company in the engineering and design of energy industries, and is offering Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Services to clients in accordance with the state of the art technologies and management systems.

I've joined the XXX Project from July.2004 until now. The contractor of this project is Ilam petrochemical Company, and the subcontractor is the consortium of XXX Co. (XXX part) and XXX (Japanese Part).

I started my assignment as member of planning and project control team of XXX Project. My assigned duties at this project is assistance to scheduling the performance of the total project (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning Phases) with respect to time and the budget determined in the agreement, and assigning and directing the required resources (such as personnel, material, equipments and machineries) to each one of activities and control of project performance within the given time for each activity according to designed scheduling and time.

In fact in the entire processes I am answerable to two opinions and requirements at the same time to be able to demonstrate ability to undertake problem identification and formulation and present solution.

· Ability to identify entire pre-requirements and post-requirements in each activity and prioritize based on the requirements of the Master of Project (XXX). Although these priorities from the point of view of cost were very high but from the aspect of physical progress and profitability for the Company were at the lower level.

· Ability to interact with the higher above and management of the company which in times were more interested in prioritizing activities with higher profitability and better physical progress with lower financial responsibility toward the company

I've had to keep a balance between the Master of Project at one side to prevent the contract to be dissolved and on the other side the company could fulfill its financial obligations.

In engineering phase I've became familiar with engineering functions such as architectural, Civil, Structure, electrical, Instrument, telecommunication, process, piping, mechanical and machinery in a petrochemical project. Also because in our project design of some parts of engineering phase was scope of supply of Japanese company I had to communicate with Japanese contact points too. It helps me to be prepared for the challenges of working with people from other culture. We've used database software to track and manage engineering documents and analysis of their main delay reasons.

In procurement phase we had to control several offshore and onshore companies that were our subcontractors to supply materials and equipments. It improves my skills to communicate with local companies, realize the weaknesses of traditional management skills. Also challenges of working with offshore companies (like XXX, German Company) is improved my technical knowledge and update management skills. by using of earned value reports I announce top management team about weakness areas of procurement phase.

In Construction Phase, we prepared our time schedule, machinery and man-hour distribution plan based on Technical Office experiences and standards. In order to designed solution plan in terms of functionality, cost, sustainability and all other available factors I utilize a system approach and design an operational performance. In overcoming these problems and be able to comprehend and assess and quantify the risks in each one of the solutions and strategies, I attempted to organize various meetings with other units such as Technical office, and Quality control department and also other disciplines. In these on going meetings some of the problems and inconsistencies were determined and the truth came out and as I expected the problems were of technical formalities and one of communications.

Another problem was the dependency of operational works to the sub-contractors. They were running their own policies and because they had no true competitors they literally followed their own guidelines. In responding to this problem I realized that every time they were confronted with situation the sub-contractors would boycott work or even stopped it. In a best case scenario they would practice slow work. To overcome this particular chaos and control this out of order behavior by the sub-contractors, I explained the situation with management and I specified that the management should hire a small group for every operational discipline which they would work in parallel with the sub-contractors, and I assigned that part of project and work which were in the critical path. Also management decided to change the pay plan to the sub-contractors. By this decision I was rest assured that lack of execution of critical activities would not occur again.

When I started to work in this project as the planning and project control expert I confronted few personal problems. In this sort of project that I had to visit site one time every month, I was the only female engineer in this project; I did not budge to it and adopted my self very well in this male dominated environment. I am eager to new challenges and ways to improve myself; I also have good interpersonal skill that enabled me, not only to work as an independent but also to work in groups, which is significant for this master’s degree. I have the pleasure to meet with different people with different culture and background.

To further my career aspirations of becoming part of a senior management team and my desire to research skills, having this knowledge will allow me to encourage and develop research and analytical skills and better understand International management principles. I believe that management must have a solid understanding, supported by a strong academic foundation, of how to guide Institution through these challenging times. By learning International Management, I will be better positioned to understand various aspects of the issues that so many organizations are facing, and to try to generate solutions to complex problems. I believe obtaining a Master's Degree will strengthened my leadership skills and motivated me to learn deeper about Project Management to achieve my goal.

I am confident with the educational profile that I acquired as well as the experience combined with my knowledge will be an important asset for my realization in the field of International Project Management. I hope that I will be accepted as an applicant and a beneficiary of International Project Management Program in the autumn term of 2009.
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Your letter is packed with good information & you sound quite qualified. I believe the letter does need some editing & grammar correction.
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Thanks alot for your notic and suggestion I will check the mentioned Site.