dear my friends,

i have found something for ya ... it's really fun..

just follow the link and write down the site name and start to attack with tomatoes , gun etc...Emotion: smile)

here is the link:

have fun ,

look at these Emotion: smile)

Most funny by using bombs... Emotion: big smile

Hey there,

At the moment I'm in a sort of the time so I guess I'll be hitting tomorrow.It suerly gonna be fun.

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Dude, muchos gracias!

Emotion: star
What kind of weapon did you use DjB? Did you try flies? Emotion: big smile

I tried all of them ..Text Sucker is my favourite..I didn't like the flies at all honestly..
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Why? I found them difficult to splatter. Emotion: big smile

omg Emotion: smile i wanna throw up
hahah this is great Emotion: smile) lol
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