Hi teachers,
What's the neaning of 'let's get going' in the following conversation.

Two detectives are walking and talking.
Halls: A lot of us wonder why Scotland Yard is so interested in this fellow Coke.

Narrator: Baxter was already half-way to the car before he said anything.
Baxter: Coke isn't just an ordinary prisoner. He's ver special. Let's get going.

Thanks in advance
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Perhaps a visual would help.

"Let's get going" usually means "I think we should proceed with our plan without further delay."

It can also mean, "Let's hurry up!"
Thank you Avangi. I think it has to be the second one, 'Let's hurry up'.

This is part of the conversation before what I wrote.

Narrator. Baxter wasted very little time on social formalities.

Baxter: Coke escaped more than 24 hours ago. I want to catch him before another 24 hours are up.
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Is it an idiom 'let's get going'?
Thinking SpainIs it an idiom 'let's get going'?
I wouldn't call it an idiom, but it is an extremely common thing to say! It's used to encourage the listener to, well, get going! To start to move, to launch into action, to stop wasting time, to stop delaying, to become active and enthusiastic about what is to come.

-- It's time to study the irregular verbs of English.
-- Yuck. Do we have to?

-- Yes. We have to. So come on! Here's the list of verbs. Let's get going!

Thank you so much CalifJim. I have no doubts now. Clear as always.Emotion: star
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Sorry CalifJim; the expression has to do more with a mental state than with a physical state, doesn't it? I mean with the expresion you don't have to be moving physically.
Maybe my questions seems to be silly, but once someone told me, 'there are no silly questions. There are silly people who don't ask questions.Emotion: embarrassed

Thanks again
Thinking Spain the expression has to do more with a mental state than with a physical state, doesn't it?
It's used in both cases. The context will determine the details.
Thank you very much Avangi. I didn't know that it can be used in both cases. Have a nice weekend.
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