Lois: I have done this dating thing so many times.
Clark: Then let's do it right. Let's take our time.
Lois: Really? In that case let's go get a real cup of coffee. How come real?
They don't do fake coffees, do they?

And then we'll have lunch ...the first of many.
Where are they? If they are in an effete coffee shop, Lois may mean that they should go to a diner or some other less pretentious place. Alternately, she may want them to go to a coffee shop for an espresso or something. Emotion: smile

Or "real cup of coffee" could mean a literal cup of coffee as opposed to the typical opening gambit of a dating relationship, which often starts with one person asking "Would you like to go for coffee sometime?" or similar.
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Thanks, D!
They're at work in the paper.
Does the paper offer lousy coffee in the employee break room or similar spot? She's probably just suggesting that they go get a decent cup somewhere else, then.