Hi,would you like to participate in a lovely game?

I'll write two words and then you choose one,afterwards write your own couple and then post it! Emotion: wink I thought that might be entertainging.Here we go...

hot or cold?

P.S. every couple can be answered by only one person.if u also like 2 choose one,u must read the last couple that is put forward by someone else,choose and then post yours..
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sweet, bitter
But firstly you must choose one word from the couple that I offerred.I mean to begin with you must say "hot"(you can choose cold either) and then offer yours.Ok? Let's play......


-Sane or crazy?-
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Ok, will have a go, if i'm on your wave length that is:


High or low
Young and old. hehe:))

count or countess?
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Monkey or ape?

-he or she?-
hi Dj Emotion: big smile

i'am ahmad abu jami from palestine, and i'm very happy to meet you, and i need to know more about you and to be friends

this is my e_mail <removed mod; why don't you register and write your details in your profile? Thanks>;

plz add me becacuse i really wann a foreign friends to learn the english language espesilly the american accent from them.Emotion: smile
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