Hi Friends,

A brand new game is about to begin today.It is a bit difficult than the others (Let's PlaY 1&2 I mean).We will try to form a word by taking the last two letters of the previous one.The last three or four can be taken unless u cannot form a meaningful word.

Here we go!

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Do we have to continue it on? Like, you wrote KNIGHT, so I have to write a word beginning with HT? Or just a word with HT in it?

If it's just a word with HT in it:


You'll write a word beginning with HT. If it doesn't work ,try to write a word beginning with GHT or IGHT , if still it doesn't work write a word beginning with NIGHT.. got it? Emotion: smile

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Nighty. Emotion: big smile

Let's count the last letter also.Or else we cannot proceed ı think Emotion: big smile


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Therefore I think I'll write:

therefore Emotion: big smile

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layabout (archaic, but it's a word all right)

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