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i dont find your skype
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Hi ,

If you want to connect people on skype.

Visit www.speakndream.com

here you can find partner for talk with you on skype.

Could you please help my: I couldn't create an account, becouse I cannot find "Sign Up" button. There is no available link at the top of the page.

Best regards,
Hi dear ....my self zishan from India...wanna learn English ..for that I wanna join your Skype group.....mmy Skype I'd- Zishan.khan15 plz add me thanks
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My Skype I'd - Zishan.khan15 plz add me
my Skype account name is Email Removed

i Really want to improve my speaking.
SkypeID: Nughthoh Arfawi Kurdhi
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Hi My name is Jeff

I would like to join you on skype, because i want to improve my english

Skype id: (Removed by Moderator. Please put any contact information you wish to share in your profile, not in posts)


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