Hi people!

I can't work out what the question tag for the following sentence could be:

Let's go to the park, _____ we?

The best option that comes to my mind is:

Let's go to the park, shall we?

However, I see that my example is not exactly a tag question (in a grammatical sense), for it is neither in the negative nor is it a repetition of the auxiliary(?).

So, what other options could be possible?

The same happens when I try to use the imperative: "Close the door, ____ you?" Which words would fit in this context? Here I've come up with some possibilities: will, would, could, may. Are they correct?

Thanks a lot!

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Shouldn't you

What is a pedestrian?

The right tag question for close the door is won't you ? W. Digamber
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Let's watch a film

Let's watch a film, shall we?

Let's watch a film, OK?<<< Very casual.