Two cannibals, a father and son, are walking through the jungle checking their mantraps when they found a beautiful white girl who is in distress. The son, an impulsive boy, exclaims, “Look Dad, a white girl! Let’s eat her right now.”

His father, who has had more experience in the world and has been to the mission school, pauses thoughtfully and says, “No son, let’s take her home and eat your mother.”

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LOL, PF. You're hopeless! Emotion: big smile

cruel dad!!!grrrrEmotion: angry
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Men's world.
Ville_maddengurlcruel dad!!!grrrrEmotion: angry
hey you'd call that man a 'cruel husband',lol.

and hey you guys let's share the jokes in here and let's post joke each of us...

and matress, that's not exactly the men's world ,lol.

okay, keep on posting jokes in here.

Hi everybody,

Well, joy thanks for the complement.

Here's another Joke and hope you all will keep posting joke.

A doctor calls his patient to give him the result of his tests. “I have bad news and some worse news,” says the doctor. “The bad news is that you have only twenty-four hours to live.”

“Ah, no!” says the patient, “What could possibly be worse than that?”

The doctor answers, “I have been trying to reach you since yesterday!”

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Yeah man I liked both of them.


n guys I'm new here and joined today.
This is my favourite, enjoy it: Emotion: big smileDDD

A psychiatrist was conducting a group therapy session with four young mothers and their small children. "You all have obsessions," he observed.

To the first mother he said, "You are obsessed with eating. You even named your daughter Candy."

He turned to the second mom. "Your obsession is money. Again, it manifests itself in your child's name, Penny."

He turned to the third mom. "Your obsession is alcohol and your child's name is Brandy."

At this point, the fourth mother got up, took her little boy by the hand and whispered, "Come on, Dick, let's go home."
Hey this is really hillarious one Letti I liked it. And I guess I'm going to register myself here to share the jokes in here.

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