'Someone told me I am cute' or 'Someone told me I was cute'. Which one is correct?

I am cute is because I'm still cute (according to her not me Emotion: stick out tongue)

or I was cute because she said it (past tense)


He said he was at the shop

He said he is at the shop

Can I say both are correct as 'was' showing that he is no more at the shop while the second one shows that he is still at the shop?

Or only the first one is correct? Also in this: 'He said he would/will help me' as 'would' sounds like he was likely to be willing to help while 'will' shows that he is likely willing to help.

Or better someone please expain to me if 'someone said that....' should be all in past tense or in present tense if the fact that the statement still goes on till the time of the sentenced created Emotion: tongue tied Somehow I got myself confused on this one Emotion: tongue tied Or better the whole grammar rule Emotion: tongue tied I feel bad on this Emotion: tongue tied

Briefly put, 'was' is always correct and 'is' is OK if the condition holds true to the present.

Best wishes, Clive
I think you also asked about saying "he says" instead of "he said."

If the person makes such a statement frequently - has made it in the past and it all but certain ito say it again in the future, then you can say "he says." For example: You know what Dad says - opportunity only happens to those who are prepared.