Please correct/verify if I am using this sentence grammatically wrong.

I wrote an email to all team members. The conclusion of the email ended with a command to tell everyone to win:

"Lets win all games this week."

Because there is a hidden subject "everyone", the sentence is correct:

"[Everyone] Lets win two games this week."

A good friend told me the sentence should be "Let's win all games this week." I understand her point let's is a contraction of let us. Thus, the sentence is "Let us win all games this week."

Here are my questions:

  1. Is there anything wrong with a sentence, "Lets win all games this week."?
    I found many criticisms using "lets" on the web.
  2. If question 1 is correct, which is more appropriated to use in the context above?

The way I understand these two sentences are different.

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It wouldn't be plural, but the word would be "lets" as in "he lets, she lets..." etc etc.
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What about the statement, "He just lets them do as they like.' ?
That's fine.
I don't thing lets is a lazy word because if it was why was it my spelling word and my teacher made it up (spelling list) and her mind is like a dictionary! Emotion: happy
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Actually there is such a word as lets. For example:

She lets him go to the golf course on the weekends.
Your friend is right. Let's is grammatically correct. Years ago old men sat around a table and thought that let's was right and now we all follow their rules.
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Let's is the imperative form (short for "let us") and "lets" is the 3rd person singular (eg. "Our mother lets us eat chocolate for breakfast.")
Therefore, "let's" is definetly the correct form to use in the context you described.
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