This is a letter that I have to send by the end of this month (Jan.). I did my best to make it sound professional but there are some parts that I still feel like it needs some improvements but I don't know how. Please take a look and feel free to comment.

Thank you very much..


I am writing this letter to give you why I qualify as a (name of scholarship) Scholar and how I would use this unique opportunity. I graduated in interior architecture in May 2007 from the (name of the school). During my undergraduate studies at the school, my main focus has been design with environmental sustainability. Based on my research, I have discovered that I need further study in this issue and these days I believe more architects who expertise in the area are required more than any time. If I get selected as one of the Scholars, I will use the opportunity to reinvigorate my career focused on sustainable environmental design.

I have worked on many school projects during my undergraduate study such as “(name of the project)” which can be seen from the attached image. Within the design of this project, I have tried to create space which is nature-friendly and elegantly-designed at the same time. The project was selected as the best one among the class and the professor had my team to display our project at the end-of-the-year exhibition of the school.

Also, I have worked as an Architectural Assistant at the (place where I worked). The bureau where I worked was named “Green Initiatives” because our motive to the projects was to make human economic systems last longer and have less impact on ecological systems, particularly related to concern over major global problems such as climate change and oil depletion. Some of the projects that I was involved in had Green Roof and/or Solargenics, containing technology to slow down global warming and to transfer solar energy to electricity. Creating and organizing a green library for our department was another responsibility of mine so that I could have learned a lot of practical matters of sustainable architecture including manufacturers of green furniture and environmental building materials. One of my employers described me as an “intelligent, hardworking dedicated individual” because I put best effort on every assignment that I worked on, and I believe they were impressed with my potential for a career as an architect.

As my parents are having a hard time supporting my education and I am not able to work to pay my tuition because I am an international student, (name of scholarship) Scholarship will help me very much with my financial issues. Furthermore, the program also provides opportunity to gain more professional experience. The firms that are sponsoring this program are the best firms known within the field of architecture, and they are also showing commitment to sustainable design which is exactly what I have been looking for. I will be thrilled to persue my career path as a part of any one of the firms, and will continuously work on to learn more and push my study further.

I am highly motivated to study as a Morgenstern Scholar as I wish to develop the new design skills needed for responding to the varied and complex challenges leading to sustainable development. I will be very honored if I were selected and meet the Morgenstern family who gave me this exceptional opportunity.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

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