i have to write a letter to the college head of department to change my study major from BCS to BBA..

can anyone please help me write this letter..i have to also mention that i need to transfer credit of one subject as i would be giving exam of that subject this semester.

my sample format is:-


XYZ university

Head of Admission and ___

Respected Sir/Madam,

I have been enrolled in this university since ___ in Bachelors of Computer Science subject. I feel that this subject is of not my interest and would like to persue a different professional line. I want to apply for BBA.

I have studied the subject XYZ during my first semester and will be giving exam for that, but I need to transfer credits of this subject to my BBA level as well.

Please consider my application.

Sincerely Yours

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Hi Arabian eyes, and welcome to the forums.

You were told that you needed to right a letter?

Try this:

I have been a student at ___ university since __ in the Bachelors of Computer Science program. However, I have come to believe that the Bachelors in Business Administration program would be a better fit for my aptitude and interests. Therefore, I am writing to request that I be allowed to transfer to the BBA program.

[Then go ahead and put the part about the specific subject, but if these are both at the same univeristy, wouln't it transfer automatically?]
am in the same problam
but my letter is sposse 2 be from my father but he cant write in english
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Hi Anon,
Please post only once.
Can you use the letter above as a model for your letter?
please change chice subject exmaple statics change toh finala accounting
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please can someone help me with reasons of changing the program of study that would convince the school
pls any body can write a letter to transfer from one college to another college
I want to change my department from International Relations to Mass Communication in University of Karachi.
So please tell me how to I write change of department application.
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