Please assist me to draft the letter and correct my grammer on this show cause letter due to alleged misconduct (PDPA)

Dear Sir,

Subject: Show Cause Letter

I acknowledge the receipt of your show cause notice dated on January 28, 2019. In response, I would like to inform you that I have react immediately to the both allegation misconduct against me.

On the first allegation, you have stated that on the 12th of February 2016, I did wrongly sent an emailed a customer’s bill statement to Email Removed">annie with reference to the emailed subject Re: C12999 without check the attachment. I would like to say that I did response to this activity due to error on system happen and i have accidently sent the wrong attachment to the said customer.

On the second allegation, also stated that on 22nd of January 2019, i did wrongly sent an emailed a customer’s bill statement to siti with reference to the emailed subject Re: Spam ref : C673 /Acc Letter income tax. On the mentioned date, I immediately response to the subject matter addressed to me and the case was closed.

I enclosed the following emailed conversation evidence to support my reply.

· Email sent by customercare on 24.1.2019 indicating the time the last customer was informed that i have forwarded to the wrong person. I did replied to Ms Wahida with apologise and sent immediately to the correct customer.

· printed copy of email I resend again mail to the correct customer.

In light of the above, I hope no disciplinary action will be taken against me.

I thank you for your kind consideration and hope you can discover the causes of this issue.

Yours sincerely,

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  • The Incentive payout shall be made at first Qtr. of next year provided the employee is on rolls of the company as on the date of disbursement.