Dear All!!!!

I need to write a letter to embassy thanking for issuing tourist visa and stating the cause for not traveling due to the loss of passport of family member. so i need a letter format stating all these issues and again askin for visa.
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Just write a draft and post it here. Then we will help you with comments.


thanks for ur info....

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Migration/vise section

dear sir /Madam

I am writing this letter to conform that julia is my doughter and I need visa for her stay in the country. My names are Jane Jone

yours fathfully Jane

Usually, this kind of thing is done by filling out an application form. Have you done that?

Best wishes, Clive
please i need to write a letter of introduction to hungarian embassy for a tourist visa, but i dont know what to write. please sir can you help me out please?
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No I haven't done that

I want to write a welcoming letter to the ambassy but I cant find any sample for this. Can you help me on this .I dont have too much time . I need a welcoming letter sample for ambassy. İf you can help, can you please send me a mail till 11.02.2011 morning. Thank you very much.

Subject: Mr. Abdul Jalil Anis

This is to confirm that Mr. Abdel Jalil Mohamed Ali Anis holder of Syrian passport number 001421785 is an employee of this company and is working in the capacity of a Real Estate Officer since 01/03/2006.

He is intending to visit as tourist and his trip and accommodation expenses will be borned by the International Capital Trading LLC.

Yours faithfully,
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