Hi, I have enrolled for a graduation program and where in the application form I'm requested provide why I have chosen the course and further information to review my application.I want to fill this without any single errors. I guess I should mention why I choose IT industry as well.

Firstly let me introduce my self briefly..

I'm a self taught IT professional. From my school days, I was very Passionate with computer and technology related things. Due some financial problem I was not able to afford for a degree program. although I did few computer diplomas but it was not enough to get job in a reputed IT firms. so I had some struggle to get the job. Later I did freelancing and made a strong portfolio to me. Using the influence of those portfolio I got a job in a medium level IT firm. In the last 10+ years I've worked with three reputed IT firms (some what reputed) and I'm holding a senior position at my current place now.

Going further in my career I definitely need a strong academic qualification so recently I enrolled into a graduation program using my industrial experience.

I would appreciate your if anyone could help to fill that area in a appropriate manner.


Do you still need help with this?