I'm a US citizen and I'm filing for my immigrant wife to USCIS. Our issue is we're going to be sending out copies of 2 marriage certificates. My wife and I were married twice. The first time was considered void as my divorce to my ex wasn't completed. After succesfully divorcing my ex, my 2nd wife and I got married again.

Can you check if my letter is considered okay?

A letter that gets to the point but at the same time wouldn't reflect negatively to our case.


To whom it may concern,

Included in this package are two (2) marriage certificates.

The explanation is that when I got married on >date< I wrongly believed that my divorce was completed. I have since then completed the divorce with my wife >first wife name<.

>2nd wife name< and I have taken our vows again on >date<

Thank you so much for understanding,




Any feedback would be welcome. Thank you in advance.


The officials are only concerned that you are legally married to your wife.

To whom it may concern,

Included in this package are two (2) marriage certificates, with the names Mr. Robert Banon Jones and Mrs. Katherine Higgs Jones

The first certificate, dated, < date>, is void because as of that date, the divorce to my first wife had not been completely finalized.
The second certificate dated, < date 2 > is legal proof of our marriage.


Thank you for responding